Samsung Appears To Be Broadening Their Efforts In The Pc Space Into Areas That Have The Most Potential For Growth, Rather Than Just Putting Out Computers For The Sake Of Being Present In The Market.

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New Challenges For Root Aspects In Facebook Marketing

This story appears in the {{article.article.magazine.pretty_date}} issue of {{article.article.magazine.pubName}}. Subscribe Alanna Cotton, Samsung Electronics America VP of Mobile Computing Marketing announced new Chromebooks and Windows notebooks at CES 2017 (Image:Patrick Moorhead) Samsung Electronics is best known for mobile products like smartwatches, smartphones and tablets and of course, HDTV and appliances, but not so much as a computer company. I wasnt expecting Samsung to be so computer-heavy this year at CES 2017, but they really were. Of course, Samsung will always have new TV announcements and the latest and greatest in home appliances and recently smart home at CES, but PCs have been a less common occurrence in recent years. CES 2017 was without a doubt an exception to that this year with a multitude of new PCs ranging from Chromebooks all the way up to gaming notebooks. Samsung appears to be broadening their efforts in the PC space into areas that have the most potential for growth, rather than just putting out computers for the sake of being present in the market. Previously, Samsung had one high-end line of ATIV notebooks, a very innovative modular PC called the Art PC and some entry-level Chromebooks, but that looks to be changing with these new products. Samsung looks like over time, they want to be a real competitor to players like Apple, HP Inc, Dell and Lenovo with these offerings, and this is just the beginning. Gaming notebook branded Odyssey The first newly-announced product is Samsungs Notebook Odyssey, the companys first-ever gaming notebook.

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